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Over the past few years we established phenotyping platforms all over the world in private industry and academical institutions.


PlantScreenTM Phenotyping Systems

Kinetic chlorophyll fluorescence Imaging


High-throughput screening tools for identification of traits contributing to salinity tolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana. Awlia M., Nigro A., Fajkus J., Trtílek M., Tester M., Julkowska M.M. and Panzarová K.

2nd COST meeting, 17-19th April. 2016 Copenhagen DN

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STP13, a sugar transporter contributing to salinity stress tolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana. Arianna Nigro, Klára Panzarová and Diana Santelia.

Phenotyping for photosynthesis and productivity, University of Essex, 4 - 6 August 2016, UK

Using automated high-throughput phenotyping to quantify and visualize early stress responses in plants. Panzarová K., Fajkus J., Benedikty Z. and Trtílek M.

EPPN Metting, 11-12th November 2015 Barcelona SP

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Application of high throughput phenotyping via PlantScreenTM System to study early plant stress responses to progressive drought stress. Šimková K., Madhavan S., Benedikty Z. , Santelia D. and Trtílek M.

Phenodays 29-31st October 2014, Beaune FR

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PlantScreenTM as a new tool for high throughput plant phenotyping. Šimková K., Suchomelova M., Benedikty Z. and Trtílek M.

Phenodays 10-12th October 2012, Wageningen NL

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